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Frosty Mtn. Ultra

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Bi-Weekly Training Update: No Pain Probably Equals Gain

Week Three of 2022 A whole bunch of easy runs to get me to my goal mileage for the week pre-long runs! I got the mileage I was after, less the 32km I was to do on the weekend, and I was feeling great! I took Monday and Tuesday off due to being so busy.…

Bi-Weekly Training Update: Full Race Calendar Already

First race of the year, Run Ridge Run! I had planned on doing the Coast Mountain Trail Series (CMTR) local to where I am in Vancouver and it is coming to fruition so far. Restrictions and spikes in Covid cases haven’t canceled anything yet. In addition to this, I have six roll forward races from…

It’s Been a While

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything. I had many drafts on the go detailing all my running challenges I was doing over 2020, which I still have and aim to finish. But I decided to do a Covid recap instead, as it’s long past the dates of these events. I have been…

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