Hi There!

Over the past few years I have developed a passion for running and it has slowly become a very large part of my heart. Having always been interesting in starting a blog, I thought with my new found down time I would start, with my current running goal of training for an ultra.

Being in love with the trails, trees, and mountains my whole life, learning to trail run seemed a natural transition. Since beginning to run I have gone new places, met new people, and taken on new challenges. After a couple successful races and some incomplete training for a 50 km race in 2019, I’ve decided to give it a go, again.

Before the closures of what seems like the world due to COVID-19, I had settled on entering a 50km trail ultra in September. I was aiming to start a blog to document my training and see where I wanted to go with it after the race was finished, but I am starting thing think this will be a lot more important to me than I originally intended. I co-founded a running group with some local ladies in the fall of 2018 and we have met more fantastic running folks and shared our running and race goals with each other ever since. Not having the weekly interactions with them has me feeling a bit disconnected from the running community, which I have seriously fallen in love with being a part of. This blog may keep my sanity by sharing my running stories through this isolating time.

I am very hopeful the social distancing will end during my training and my race will still be a go by the time September comes around. It will be a unique situation training without friends, without the gym, and without the many trails I would normally run on. Though, I am determined to get creative and keep running! Whether my race happens to not, I do hope to continue writing about my running adventures after the race date has come and gone.

I look forward to exploring many new trails and racing new courses for years to come. The running community has been a joy to get acquainted with and this sport has become a passion.

Current Goal:

Train for Frosty Ultra from April 6 – September 19 (6 months)

Thanks for reading!

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