Sore, Struggled, But Finished

April 9th

That was tough. Sore legs from a couple days ago equaled what felt like I was running through mud. I struggled up a hill and got a nasty stitch in my abdomen that took a while to breathe through. Painful enough to make my eyes water.

Ripley usually matched my pace but today she was all over the place wanting to chase everything. The grass rustled? Attack. Horse, goat, garbage ahead? Attack. How one day she doesn’t care and the next day I have to pull her in the right direction I just don’t understand.

As much as that was tough, I did it! I opted to do more strengthening exercises tomorrow as my legs are just so tired form today. I took my time stretching out and will enjoy a nice foam roll before bed. After these few days, I’m scheduling some gentle yoga for myself tomorrow morning.

Seen here, Ripley NOT chasing the goats… *Face palm*

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