I’ll Be Sore Tomorrow…

April 7th

So begins the strength training. I’m sure the weights and reps and all those sets will become something I enjoy, but currently, I am very unmotivated for these workouts. Run 16km? Sure. Thirty minutes of strengthening exercises? I’ll pass.

For now, I will have to get creative. I used a half full jug of windshield washer fluid the other day to avoid going to buy anything. I’m trying to limit my outings into the outside world as much as possible!

A different kind of tail gait party…

As I build a base strength and feel progress with my running ability I’ll be excited for these days one day. Having strong muscles makes a noticeable difference with your running performance and definitely sets you up for much greater success. It’s going to be a bit challenging the next month or two to get the weight time in without gym access. The one good thing about the gym has to be the motivation to focus to get it done.

Ventured out to get at least one weight; resistance bands as well for varied movements.

I found an already done beginners plan to help me get started! With one of my goals being getting in the gym, part of that is learning how to track progress. I’m very goal oriented and love a to-do list, so I’m trying to apply that mindset to strengthening. The downside to this being, I have to spend time lifting the weights… So sorry to all my friends who have to listen to me whine about this!

Thank god for yoga and laying on the floor ❤

Workouts on next page

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