In It For The Long Haul

April 6th

Short and sweet sunset run. Stunning colours in the sky. Distancing. My day did not go as planned and I decided an evening run was better and I am glad it worked out that way. I managed to stay distanced from everyone I saw while seeing everyone out enjoying the sunset and taking pictures. I haven’t been running consistently before this being so focused on school, but I aimed to just run, and I ended up forgetting to check my time and pace almost the entire time. Easy to do so when the sky is made of fire!

The first month of my training will be weird not being able to get out with my friends, though it will ultimately serve me well mentally. As awesome as it would be, your friends are not by your side while you race. It’s a great mental push to do those longer runs by yourself. You start to notice when your negative talk sets in and where it lets up. Typically it set in climbing up massive hills for me, and seems to fade upon a downhill reprieve. How interesting…

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