Easy And Breezy

April 10th

Easy, intentionally slow run today. Windy to keep me cool. A recovery run before my longer haul tomorrow. I am supposed to go for 8-13 km, but where?

My friend read something from an experienced runner saying while we are contained as we are, practice running slow. You think that would be easy because running can be well, kind of tiring, but I consistently struggle to maintain a consistent pace; especially a slow one. It’s great advice and something to think on given I want to do endurance running…

Since it was supposed to be a slow run today I worked on focusing on something else. A fellow runner introduced me to an app that records where you run and gives you a street completion of the cities you run in. I decided to run the back roads and head down all the dead ends to get those streets checked off. One street had a family sitting outside having a meal together while kids got to play on a slip ‘n’ slide! Very nice to hear the kids playing. I realized I actually haven’t heard as much of that lately.

On the second dead end street some cool vines caught my eye of something being grown. I paused my run to take some pictures and check out the view. I love heading out to new trails and taking in all the views and snapping some good shots.

I ended up sticking to my slow pace and finishing feeling great. My legs are all flushed out with the soreness gone from earlier in the week. I’m feeling pretty good about the long run tomorrow, wherever it ends up taking place.

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