Sometimes, You Just Need The Rest

April 11th

I ended up swapping my long run day for a rest day. With school still on the go and a group project hanging over my head (dysfunctional group project) meant dropping all plans and sitting around, waiting for my group to do their part so I could start mine. Happy to report it’s all over and can finally put another school to-do on my task list to bed.

Upon finishing I took my dog for a stroll as the sun set under a clear sky. Such beautiful weather to be hanging out indoors so much.

I am sad to miss my run today! But I have tomorrow morning to run in the cooler morning air, with a little more stress lifted off my shoulders from school. I love school and have been lucky with group projects so far, but this time we just didn’t jive. Adding the pandemic stress as well made it just a bit more of a mess.

I feel for my fellow students with some being laid off, some being distanced from family, and some not even having the technology at home to do school online. Libraries closing makes it hard for the under funded student.

I am so thankful my situation is fine. I am sad to not be in the mountains, that’s totally valid, and I am enjoying being indoors and reading, reading so much. I started a book club to keep connected with my friends, keep my brain engaged, and imagination adventuring.

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