Long Run In The Sun

April 12th

Beautiful weather for a run! I am starting think I need to get sunscreen if I’m going to run midday again. I slept in and didn’t make it out for a morning run and couldn’t bring my dog due to her struggle with the heat and boy did I regret that. I can’t stand running in the heat myself; it just doesn’t work with my body. I half way through I shifted into survival mode of just finishing the run and I ran slow. My legs felt heavy. Hamstrings were sore.

I attempted to run down random roads to leave the industrial area. Closed off parks were weird to see.

Playgrounds: cancelled.

It was nice to run on grass! It was only for a moment, but it livened up my run just that little bit.

I avoid road running as I have a knee issue and it starts to hurt after too much pavement. I could make do mentally without trails but I am a bit worried my knee may take a beating. On my run I found a little track to do some speed runs on though, or perhaps those shorter easy runs to save the impact for myself so I can keep going. It’s not much, but I was happy to see it.

During my mental survival mode my brain took off on me and started thinking about poetry. Ideas and verses starting flowing and I started taking notes in my phone to remember later. It’s amazing how in the moment you come up with a great idea and swear you’ll remember it later (how could you not, it’s pure genius!), but it’s always fades for me.

I’ve been thinking of some Covid-19 themed verses, and here’s a sign that inspired some trains of thought.

Later in the evening I conquered my strengthening exercises. Finally, week one is done and I am happy to relax and spend my evening prepping for the week ahead. Two courses will wrap up later this week leaving room for much more reading, poetry, and hopefully photography will start to fill my time as well. Alongside the runs of course.

Workouts on next page

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