Listening To My Body

April 14th

Today was one of those day. I got virtually nothing done on my to-do list and did 30 minutes of cardio instead of the prescribed 50 minutes. I was frustrated by my lack of weights for my strength training so I bailed and moved it to tomorrow.

I spent too much time on social media, I slept in, and didn’t work on school work at all. It’s early and I’m already ready for bed.

That being said, I did make some progress reading my book for my book club and spent my afternoon with my partner chatting and starting a puzzle. We spent it laughing and relaxing; perhaps it’s what my brain needed.

I suppose it was just a restful day. And that’s ok. I am thinking dessert for dinner to really run the day home. I believe my dog is on the same page.

It’s a couch potato kind of day.

It’s been brought to my attention more than a few times that I can be a bit hard on myself… So I’m calling it! I’m not listening to that voice and I’m NOT pushing myself to get more done. I have time, and I need to just honour the rest time my body is trying to say I need. Tomorrow is a new day and I’m excited to greet it.

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