A Bit More About Me

April 15th

A very nice slow (actually slow) run with my dog was very rewarding today. Oddly rewarding as usually I can’t maintain my pace and end up racing away on myself. I set a goal to stay under certain pace and I did for almost the whole thing.

I haven’t been taking my phone with me to run the past few days so here’s a flashback to some trail time from earlier this year.

I miss this so much. Running on the road is already starting to get to my body a bit. My class course for this semester is over early next week then I can seek out some open trail areas nearby! The parks are probably have a very rejuvenating time being closed with no beatings of feet and garbage left in the bushes.

Since my mind is calm from my uneventful run, here is some more about me. Aside from running I have a few different hobbies that I give my time to.

Hiking is what spurred my love of mountains. once I could drive I was spending a lot of time out in the park. Once I got a dog, I started exploring way more. I think she did give me a bit of confidence to go further. I know the park I live by really well now and I believe I’ve been on nearly every trail multiple times at this point. There’s a few that are still on my must see list this summer so I hope the parks reopen to make it there.

Snow is another absolute favourite of mine. I have always loved it and can’t get enough. Owning a part Husky, Ripley and I make a good pair for it. I grew up always wanting to try snowboarding but never found the money, the time, or the courage to make it up there on my own. My family actually pooled money together to get myself a snowboard one Christmas, but the money was stolen out of my car one night. That theft left me discouraged and it wasn’t until a few years after that I finally bought a used board to learn on. I went to the local ski mountain so many time that season to teach myself. Three seasons now under my belt am I still loving the sport and finally making some friends to go with!

Yoga has become woven into my life. I can be hit or miss with the physical yoga practice when I get busy with school, but the principles and concepts that it is built has become apart of my thinking and way of life. I am in the middle of teacher training which I had planned to finish this year, but the the distancing I’m not sure that will happen until next year or so.

When I have a nice chunk of time, I like to write, read, and dance to my favourite genres of music, but the mountains are my happy place. I try and do everything I can in them and take a note book, a book, or some music on a hike or overnight backpacking trip just to spend time there. How can I not with views like these?

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