Trails, Memories, and Daydreaming Of What Lies Ahead

April 16th

I found a trail.

I repeat,

I found a trail head.

I have no idea how long this trail is, where it goes, what’s it’s like or even the name. I don’t care-I’m exploring it ASAP.

The entrance is only about 2 km away from my home base so very accessable. There’s a slight hill heading up to it, which could mean a slight hill heading home. Perfect.

This could be very short and underwhelming though so I am trying not to get my hopes up, although even a bit of trail to break up the pavement would be so lovely. I could always run back and forth on it, right? People have been running marathons in their apartments so I can surely manage the same kilometre back and forth, no?

Earlier in the day I was busy working away in my home and started thinking abut my run club I founded with two other ladies. The past week or two I’ve been feeling a longing to run with them as I miss our weekly runs together! I miss planning them, fussing over things, and talking about future endeavors.

We still talk every day, the three of us. Conversation has turned into, “How are you surviving at home with the husbands?” Which is something I care to know as I hope they’re doing well and everyone is safe, though the lack of running talk is a bit saddening.

I realized I had been thinking about all things we had done rather than what we were going to be missing out on this summer. All this time I have been failing to recall moments with them from the giant memory bank I have sitting in my head! Recalling past memories brings a lot more happiness then thinking about what you feel should be happening in the future.

Where did our group come to be? It was founded very spontaneously. We were all apart of a local running group on the fitness app Strava and each of us wanted to start running with some new people. On Thanksgiving weekend of 2018, one founder posted about a last minute run in our local park. Out of service meeting random people never goes wrong, right?

Well, it went great. We had a good run and later swapped pictures from the run when our other founder suggested the idea of starting a group. There really wasn’t any active groups in the area so we decided hey, let’s go for it. We’ve spoken almost every since and have so many things planned for us and the group.

I’ve been recalling a lot of childhood memories lately, all being happy ones. So I decided to start thinking more about my more recent past and all the amazing time I’ve spent with my current passions that I’ve found the past few years. I’ve been told your brain can’t tell the difference between a memory, imaging a future scenario (good or bad), and its present reality seen through your eyes. While this is bad news for anxiety, it’s fabulous for positive visualization and thinking of the good things in your life.

So, here I sit, flowing through lovely memories and reminiscing of all the people and places I’ve gone because of running. Trail running has become my life not just because I like to run and be active for my body. It’s become everything, as it encompasses everything important in life. Community, movement, and exploration of my mind and world around me.

I am forever grateful for the time the three of us have spent together. If it were to end today I would be so happy with the memories I have. Though, I know our time together is not over, and I am so excited for all the running in store for us once this distancing is behind us.

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