Finding Balance While Distancing

April 17th

This evening was a nice cool run with my dog, whom I think died after! She plopped herself down near me while I did some exercises and didn’t move at all. She normally tries to lick my face or spoon me while I am on the ground doing my exercises. A seventy-five pound cuddle monster she is. Here’s an old picture of just that.

I have come to realize how much I need my strength training. I’m just starting with my body weight most of the time to get a feel for the movements but am shockingly starting to get excited about adding more weight and learning more. I thought my legs were strong from running but turns out, they’re not! Alongside my legs, my core is incredibly weak with little lower back support. I grabbed my mom’s old book on strength training and plan to follow some core routines listed in there… I’m going to get my body working with me and my overall fitness more balanced

Not many thoughts on the brain today, though people on my social accounts have been bringing up body image a lot. If you have an interesting relationship with your image, this time of distancing is going to be a bit harder than a normal day. We have so much time to think about our image and judge ourselves in the mirror. We either have lots of time to work out and are doing lots, or we don’t have the time or motivation to do anything.

I’ve truthfully being feeling like I haven’t been doing enough. I haven’t been consistent prior to this training and was very sedentary during my most recent semester. Just in the nature of the job/schooling I chose to do. Regardless of all that, this distancing bringing limitations to being active is just a temporary phase in our lives. Whether you lose weight, gain weight, or stay the same, it’s just a symptom of how we had to hunker down and stay safe. Everyone has a different situation with access to different equipment. I doubt not being active throughout this distancing phase will cause any irreversible damage. Fitness comes so fast once you start; there’s more than enough time to work on your fitness levels after this is over.

As for mental health, do what works for you! Read, do inner work, do outer work (have fun making changes to you environment), watch Netflix, etc. I have been watching TV series for the first time in a couple years. I still feel very unproductive… But what else could I possibly be doing? I am spending time on all the things I want to. This is just my restful summer in my life story.

I hope everyone finds their Covid balance. It’s likely going to look very different from the one you had before, but that’s to be expected! Good luck and stay sane everyone.

Workouts on next page…

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