Video Connection Unstable

April 18th

I had a physically relaxing day today. Cancelled all running and strengthening and moving it to tomorrow. My body is tired and a bit sore from not prioritizing stretching, rolling out, and yoga.

I’ve been grinding away with school trying to finish up my last few finals and tasks for classes. I am down to my last final on Tuesday which I’m very happy to finally be through with soon. It’s been a hectic semester and I took on a bit more than I should have throwing off my work-life balance.

Aside from a delightful day resting and studying, I got to chat with my running crew that I am ambassador with. The position is for a race series that takes place across Canada in the larger cities. I am part of the British Columbia group that host runs in our parks around Vancouver. It’s my first year being ambassador so I’m a bit disappointed to miss our first race which was scheduled for today.

I did get to know everyone a bit better during the video chat. I look forward to applying to do it again next year to hopefully make the whole series! We have postponed some dates and as new news comes in; things keep changing.

I am hitting a bit of a wall in my training even though it’s two weeks in. The thought of my race not happening is bumming me out to the point where I think, “Why bother training?”.

But that’s not why I train. I train because I like pushing myself to see my capabilities. Running that new farthest distance or fastest time. Mostly, I just love training as an excuse to get out with my running friends and train together. Unfortunately, that’s happening right now.

That’s likely where my biggest hold up is with all this. Not seeing anyone. It’s great to video chat and catch up, but there’s something special about sharing the energy and reading the room. Really seeing your friend’s complete body language. I’m really feeling this lately. I think this will be going on a bit longer than I initially thought.

In other fantastic news though, I bought myself some running gear! Brand new vest to pack all my essentials and runner fuel with me. It’s extremely comfortable and it’s getting me excited for tomorrow’s long run even with my thoughts swimming around in my head. I avoid spending money to the point where I don’t buy the things I need to enjoy my hobbies and make them more comfortable for myself, so, this is my quarantine gift to myself to make things a little bit easier.

How is everyone connecting with their friends communities while maintaining distance?

Workouts on next page…

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