Restless In The Country

April 19th

What a long slog. I hoped I would be rested from swapping my rest day and long run day but not quite. I did go explore the trail I found, though it appeared to be an access point for maintenance of some kind. Further down was a dumping ground and garbage here and there. My legs felt weak from only running the flat road around me. I need to find some trail near me. I just don’t run like I normally do despite the road being flat and easy. The mental resistance is amazing.

I  met my mileage goal for the week, and I am very happy with that. My legs may be tired and heavy, but I’m getting through it. It’s the only thing keeping me sane and getting my steps in for the day. If I don’t run, I get about 50% of my daily step goal, with 66% of that being just taking my dog for a walk. Yikes!

Deceptively nice trail.

I also did something for myself the other day. I bought a running vest! I have been wanting a better one for about a year now, and after trying it out for today’s run, I am in love. I can finally bring the necessary amount of water and easily pack away my phone to score pictures on all my runs again. Oh, and for safety, I can call 9-1-1 now if something happens.

I am extremely bad at spending money on ‘bigger’ items for myself. I am great at keeping my money in order and living within my means. Though, more often than not, I can afford to spend the money on things that will make my life more comfortable. I’ve also been putting off getting near rain gear for myself and a couple things for yoga. Not necessities though not exactly luxury items either…

Salomon, you make great vests.

One thing that made my day lovely was the flowers my friend brought me! She surprised me and I was so excited and thrilled to see her. She tossed them at me to maintain our distance; too funny. I don’t have a vase though I think this makeshift one speaks to who I am pretty good.

Endless thanks to my lovely friend…

I do have to say, I am lucky I have places to run without running into anyone. The road is causing some pain in my legs and knees after two weeks of it so I will have to find some real trail asap. I know people not running at all because they live in the city. I haven’t updated myself on the Covid news lately as I want to finish school before facing those feelings about the situation, but I truly hope this ends sooner rather than later so we can get back to do the things that make us happy. You can only rest so long before you start to get a little restless.

Has anyone surprised you some love lately?

Workouts on the next page…

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