School’s Out For-Distancing?

April 21st

My term has ended! Last final written. I actually did very well overall on the final and am happy with my mark. I passed the class but unfortunately I don’t meet the required grade for the program I wish to do after I graduate so I may have to retake the class pending my official grade result. Unfortunate kicker.

In writing my last final I also skipped running. I spent all morning reviewing and then writing the test. Fingers crossed I don’t lose too much running fitness!

I was feeling really bad about skipping another run. School does take first priority, but it’s always hard for me to skip a run and not feel bad. Thankfully, I should be completely rested and good to go tomorrow! I can finally relax more knowing no school work is hanging over my head, just regular work which I am more than comfortable with.

This also means, time to get my resume and LinkedIn profile in order to apply for Co-ops come fall when the world reopens (hopefully) by then. I am going to update myself on the latest Covid news tomorrow evening and see where the world is even at right now.

Well, cheers to ticking off my goal of getting through this term. Now just to await the final grades.

Anyone else overcome some feats despite the distancing disruption?

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