Sunshine On My Rainy Day

April 22nd

I couldn’t be happier. That course I didn’t get a qualified grade for, or so I thought? I got it. I freaking got it.

My run was pretty great too.

I opened my personal email before logging on to start work this morning and my jaw dropped. An email from my teacher stating in fact, I had gotten a high enough percentage to receive a qualified grade. All the tears I shed last night were unnecessary.

The “qualified” grade I’m referring to is part of the new grading system in my schools accounting program. This change is due having to cope with online instruction and the transition that likely caused some people a great deal of stress. The offer was to give you a “Pass” grade and have neutral quality points when calculating your GPA. This allows for your grade to meet the post graduation program requirements. I personally had quite a transition when the distancing started, and school went to the wayside for about a week or so, therefore I elected for this option for one of my classes. You still needed a minimum grade to quality though, which I wasn’t sure I was going to make. I pulled it together this past week and got it.

Covid painted rocks throughout the trails. Reminded me of me kind teacher.

One thing I am disappointed about though is that I cannot thank my teacher in person until likely the fall term. A simple thank you email is drafted to send, but I do wish to truly thank her for all her help this term.

It rained today as well. First rainfall in my area in weeks at last. Hopefully the forest fires will be at bay this summer especially with the limited travel going on as well. People are still back country camping on crown land, so I desperately hope everyone is responsible with their fires they have.

Heading out for my run today I felt so calm. Apparently, the regional park by my house IS open, so I got out on the trails today in the off hours. I barely saw anyone and maintained distancing. Having the weight of school lifted off my shoulders and the promise of online board games with friends after I ran hard. It felt great. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed about heading out today after missing my prior days to study up (well worth it after all!). I noticed I lost strength in my legs from running road! Those hills killed me today.

Lush, green trees, looking even more vibrant and beautiful after the rainfall.

While running I usually have some insightful-to-me thoughts. I don’t run with music so my brain can really wander and if I’m completely alone on the trail with not distraction, it really wanders. I had some interesting thoughts and thought, “I absolutely have to write this into my blog!”. But like most ideas that pop into your head in a flash, they were forgotten as soon as I finished my run and headed home. You have to write those things right away to keep them from floating away on you. I will have to conquer some speech to text to get those ideas captured. Though for all I know, it was endorphins talking.

What brought you some sunshine today?

Workouts on the next page…

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