Recovery-Not So Smooth

April 23rd

Interesting run today. Just a recovery run, with my dog. Nice slow pace, lovely views, and then… Oh. My stomach felt bit upset… I’ve never experienced that before. My other friends have discussed their experience and it’s never crossed my mind as being a concern as we’re usually out in the trails. Always a stump to squat behind.

Not here, in Covid land, where outhouses are closed and you’re in a regional park. It may be close to home, but home is never close enough when you’re in desperate need of a toilet. Thanks body.

I cut my run a couple kilometres short and dashed home. It was actually quite a relaxing evening once I was home. Healthy dinner and ice cream for dessert. Priorities.

The run did remind me of the situation we’re in though. I’m lucky the park is close to home and still open, with lots of room to pass people if need be… But remembering that things are closed to limit the spread hit me in the face again a bit. I’m actually missing going to the office. I enjoy having my life compartmentalized, at least in some regard.

Working from home is great and I am privileged to have that option, but being able to step out for a couple hours and speak to another human that does not communicate in tail wags and walking across your work station would be nice. I’m liking having these thoughts as it is later in the evening as I jot down these thoughts. A tired brain and body weighing me down a little bit.

But I am happy. I have my friends and my health and my ability to run. I am so grateful for technology. I feel spoiled being in isolation but being able to maintain a relatively normal lifestyle. I was able to play board games virtually last night with friends, how cool is that?

What are you grateful for helping keep you entertained during this distancing?

Workouts on the next page…

2 Replies to “Recovery-Not So Smooth”

  1. I used to joke how convenient it was for Dunkin Donuts to place restrooms on every corner for us. Now there are none.
    Even public facilities like skate rinks or park welcome centers are closed. Some parks that are used for soccer or baseball or little league used to have porta-potties. Nope. All gone now.
    You’re now on your own looking for a spot of woods in the city where you wont get busted for indecent exposure!


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