Pyramid Training – Not The Illegal Kind

April 24th

I went into the office today to grab more work for myself. No one was there and that used to upset me working all alone frequently, but now I am happy to leave the house and focus in solitude. No pets or partner to distract me. Very peaceful morning.

My run this evening took me somewhere new! I needed a place that was flat, trail, and had enough space to keep my distance from anyone if they happened to come my way. This led me to a dyke system nearby and it was quite beautiful. Gorgeous views of the mountains that line the valley (although the highway is in the foreground). Some people were out kayaking in the river alongside the dyke and catching up. Pretty good way to social distance!

I ran into a wee goat at one point, the little guy/gal looked so funny. It seemed to be a miniature? I’m not too sure. It had a cute little red barn and was hanging out on top of his ‘enormous’ rock. King of his pen.

My run today was one of favourite kinds. It was an interval work out, but with a twist. The intervals are in the form of a “pyramid” and follow a typical interval period of 1 min hard effort followed by equal rest. The pyramid twist is that the interval periods climb up in length of time, then decrease after the peak time. Today was 1-2-3-2-1 with a 15-minute warm up and cool down. You think this would suck, but the intervals after the longest are so easy and I feel completely rewarded in pushing through climbing ‘up’ the pyramid.

Perfect place to rest post-pyramid.

I love training for  race. Mixing up the runs, having the micro goals within the runs, week, month. I’m already almost done my first month of training and will have a recovery week starting Monday. Time is flying by extremely fast with no solid landmarks breaking up our time by with plans and engagements. I’m going to start having to set some micro goals for myself to break up my daily routine. I do find achievement in being productive but given this time I have I am aiming to find contentment in just being.

Have you set any macro/micro goals for yourself?

Workouts on the next page…

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