Community Is Everything

April 29th

Crazy day for me on April 27th! First busy day where I was ‘running around’ in a long time. I’m starting to go back to work in the office as there are so few of there and all don’t go out much as is. I’m sure we’ll be safe if we practice good cleanliness together. I didn’t manage my recovery run but I have the rest of the week to get my legs moving and some cardio days in. I am determined to focus on more yoga and make some routines for friends who have requested some from me.

April 28th was not a successful running day either, in fact is was a very successful resting day. My body is at a sluggish point in my cycle and I will not be conquering any hills or mileage today… But that allowed me some time to connect with friends and play board games online. It really made my day as I was feeling down about missing my runs from not feeling well. It was just one of those days where nothing went right!

I received some unfortunate news about the race series I am ambassador for. Physical races are completely postponed until next year, though we have the option to run virtual races. I really want to engage with the community and will be participating in the virtual races from June-October, so I am excited to post about those. Virtual racing is really hitting home, ‘run your own race’.

In other good news, I will be able to continue my yoga teacher training which I had planned to finish this summer. The instructor rearranged dates to make certain courses online so we can still fulfill credits, and hopefully resume in person classes once distancing restrictions are listed.

Post-run ‘laxing

Finally, a run in on the 29th! I ran around the local park and it was very empty, so I didn’t run into anyone despite going a bit later in the day. It was nice to come home with an evening ahead of me to relax and just let myself feel crappy while I recover. Sitting at the office and on the couch does your body no favours, that’s for sure.

I feel like I’m in complete hibernation mode being at that part of my cycle though this month seems worse than normal. I’m realizing how little I move in my day compared to pre-distancing and the only reason I’m getting steps in is from running and walking my dog. Otherwise… I don’t think I’d be moving much at all. I haven’t been too hard on myself about the activity change and weight flux, but I feel I really have to schedule active time so much more than I did before. It just feels strange.

I’m still feeling a bit disappointed about the summer series I am ambassador for being cancelled. I was looking forward to meeting new runners and tackling the courses with my friends who signed up alongside me. That ambassador position just fit, and I am bit disappointed I won’t be able to put on that hat quite yet.

I know there’s next year. Of course there’s next year. Even if there wasn’t, I’m happy pursuing what I am after anyway, so I think all is well.

But there likely is tomorrow. There’s next month, next year, next decade for a lot of things to unfold. The disappointment is coming from having just met a group of runners (fellow ambassadors) equally as passionate about running and excited to talk endlessly about it with you. Then the distancing pulls you away and you can’t quite engage the same. I just found them, and now I’m pulled seemingly back to where I started.

I kind of feel like when I first started running and I was pushing myself really hard while running by myself and I had no clue how I stacked up to anyone else. My self talk was horrible as I didn’t want to be a slow runner, so I just pushed harder to be faster. The comparison games are never worth it, but I also never got any feedback of where I stood with other people. I always wanted to try a local race and I compared my times with the fastest runners and wanted to be on par with them. I was always too nervous to actually enter though; I had no self confidence to tackle a new experience like that on my own, especially not knowing how I compared to others.

Running can be a solo sport or it can be a community sport. Back then I would have appreciated someone else who liked it do discuss all things running with. At the time I didn’t care too much because I just enjoyed doing it for myself. I think I perhaps I wanted to validation of my abilities and speed. Looking back now, the community I have with running is so much greater than gaining any validation of performance by winning anything. The celebration of running a new trail or one of us logging a fast run or conquering a crazy hill exactly what I attribute to so much of the fun.

I miss my running group. I miss the people that I finally met, that are so special that they celebrated my run groups one-year anniversary with us. Even though it was only six of us, the size of six absolutely quality, special, felt just right.

What endeavors were postponed for you due to distancing?

Workouts on the next page…

2 Replies to “Community Is Everything”

  1. All of my races! All of my conferences and meetings.
    I know this is all for our own good but I’m actually looking forward to going back to the office and talking to people I’m not related to.


    1. I was thinking, it’s too funny how we all pray for places to be empty when we go out to get some peace and quiet and time alone. Now we have our fill and we’re more than happy to rejoin social circles!


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