Scheduling Rest Days

April 26th

I took a complete rest day on April 25th and gave myself the permission to do whatever I wanted with no to-do list. It was quite relaxing (go figure) and I will definitely be scheduling more of these days. Maybe as half days, I still struggle to do ‘nothing’.

Long run day of the week before recovery week starts. It was an odd one, split in half due to my dog needing to go back home to escape some of the heat. My poor dog is part husky and starts to overheat very easily, especially when it’s muggy out. I ran 7.5 km in in a new area and the remaining 5.5 km close to home.

The first half was hard. I went to a local downhill mountain biking spot and ran (hike/ran) up a few kilometres to start. I had no idea where I was and ended up running down random trails until I found my way back to my car eventually. I felt like I was cheating every time I came upon a downhill section, though the break from running straight up with to reprieve was nice. Only ended up at one dead end trying to make my way back towards where I started. Oops.

The second half was a bit more consistent, more undulating elevation gain but equally as muggy and uncomfortable. I usually start runs much earlier in the day, but my sleep schedule has been mixed up lately and I haven’t had any hard start time with not much on my schedule… Not as much motivation to get going sooner rather than later.

I was hard on myself this run. About everything, and it hurt my running, I swear. Mind over matter is huge for endurance and once you start blaming things for why you’re not doing as well as you had hoped, you’re losing to yourself. I had many excuses as to why my legs were tired, why my endurance was poor, why it felt like a slog for me. That little negative voice in my head wouldn’t quit throughout all 13 km.

But I got it done, and I was happy to have achieved that. I was also completely bagged and laid down for quite some time before gathering myself to do anything. My partner asked if I was ok. “Yah, just down for maintenance.” It feels weird to be less capability with my endurance after being able to run 25+ km without giving it much thought. Use it or lose it.

Heading into recovery week is so, so sweet. I don’t even care if I even make my recovery runs, I just want to relax and soak things in. More changes are coming with races due to the distancing, so I am taking things mentally a day at a time.

I was really fearing my race being cancelled while I was running. As I’ve said before, I wouldn’t mind at all if it was cancelled as I’ll still be pushing myself every week and getting in whatever long runs I can. I did sign up for a run shoe study through Nike to trial their shoes by training for a half marathon, which I will be incorporating into my overall training. I have a shoe fitting appointment this upcoming Sunday to hopefully get a pair of shoes left in my size to trial! Regardless, so many run crews and race series are trying to keep everyone engaged through virtual efforts so we can all still somewhat be apart of the community.

I love seeing people persevering and not giving up on their fitness goals. I hope everyone does what works for them. If your routine happens to be running, I encourage you to still run. Getting creative with where and how you do things is the fun part of this for me. I have a weird gym area with no flow or ease, but it works.

I forget everything that’s going on more often than not. I left the house the other day to get groceries and the boarder crossing wait times were “N/A” and the ferry sailing time signs were off. In those moments it hits me all over again and that panic and grief come back, and I feel thrown for a bit. I’m so blindly optimistic about things sometimes the rude awakening hits me a little hard.

What is missing, or has thrown you off, from your usual routine?

Workouts on the next page…

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