Catching Up

I haven’t really been posting.

Before I was bit ‘behind’ but this time I stopped for quite some time.

I have been running and going for dog walks still, but I needed some time to think about what I am going to do this summer. All races I am aware of have been cancelled and I haven’t even looked at the Frosty Ultra. Even ff it was still happening I don’t think I feel comfortable entering with everything still going on.

Training just hasn’t been the same either. Without the fun trials with awesome elevation, my heart isn’t in it. I run in the trials because it makes my heart happy and nothing else. The race training keeps me committed to pushing myself, for myself. The races are just a bonus. Extra bonus if all your friends race too!

Caution: Speed bumps ahead.

I do have a couple things on the go right now regarding running, so I’ve decided to focus on them. The 5 Peaks trail series I am ambassador for has shifted all races to a virtual style which completely bums me out, but I am still happy to play my ambassador roll in any way. I love the series I want it to live on! I will definitely be posting about my training runs for that.

I also had previously signed up for a Nike shoe run study. They are providing shoes to wear and tear while training for a half marathon following their training plan. While road is not my favourite, it’s the only place I really feel comfortable right now. Scoring some Nike shoes for participating is alright too!

I still do enjoy road running albeit with friends and not solo every time as it has been lately. I am getting my act together though and trying to run and listen to audible books and podcasts to keep me going. I previously never ran with music as my thoughts were always lost weaving with the wind in the trees, though having a distraction to forget about the pavement may help me through this.

Side note: Audible is amazing and I can’t believe my resistance to getting it until now. My dog walks have doubled in length and I am excited to try it out on runs soon. I just finished Untamed by Glennon Doyle and dang, she really knows how to write a scene and inspire you to let your truths free in a wild in an untamed way.

Rainbows after rainy days

Part of the reason I stopped writing was my mental state. I finally had my “oh my god we’re stuck in isolation” moment. Working back at the office threw off my routine again. For the better though. I’ve been getting work done and having a reason to put on nicer clothes feels really good.

It was a good time to really reflect on how I wanted to continue spending my isolation time. Certain things just aren’t practical or really all that great to do right now. Other things I’ve been putting off have been taking up my time and it feels great. I’ve been listening to podcasts I’ve always wanted to dive into, reading more, writing more, practicing German. I finally understand something I never could quite grasp in my language classes before; the progress already feels quite good. I even signed up for a yoga course to go towards my 200HR training and it looks like I will be able to finish that this summer. With all the races cancelled, that actually eliminated a lot of conflicts with doing my yoga courses so, there’s my silver lining.

So, life definitely looks different for me right now, but I think I finally settled into a routine of how to spend my time. I see restrictions lifting but have also seen cases quite close to home still come up, so I am not jumping on getting back out there anytime soon. I was also ambitious and registered for a couple courses so that’ll keep me busy. 😉 I am fortunate my partner has a vehicle able to go off-roading, so we’ll still be able to do some camping and avoid seeing a single soul.

Are you still on lock down? How is it going for you?

2 Replies to “Catching Up”

  1. Yes, still on lock down. The Gov’na is letting us know his plan on Monday.
    I’ve been running with a gaiter around my neck and pulling it up when I get close to people. Most of whom do not see a need for a mask.
    My races keep getting postponed and then, poof, they go virtual!


    1. Oh wow, long time to be that way eh. Yes! I am scared of people so I have been going early morning before gates open to parks.

      Lots of virtual races for me! Transfers to next year as well. Did not think it would go for this long at all!


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