It’s Been a While

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything.

I had many drafts on the go detailing all my running challenges I was doing over 2020, which I still have and aim to finish. But I decided to do a Covid recap instead, as it’s long past the dates of these events.

I have been getting myself organized and spending a lot of time on myself and my schooling now I have left a job that wasn’t fitting into my life. I have since had some great runs with friends, some races, and aimed to make the best of the lockdown.

It was a bit disheartening at times within my running group I host runs for as we had to make calls about whether to host or not. Interpreting the vague government guidelines was a bit trying for us, especially when they didn’t have consistency with other areas of sport. It seems to be behind us now, and we have done some fun things as we can. I am so grateful for such a wonderful group of runners to share my time with.


CMTR Summer Scavenger Hunt Jun 8 – Sep 16 (virtual)

  • 30 challenges, plus some hidden ones

Was a blast to do with friends and run around in the forest and our neighbourhoods collecting pictures and ticking off all the challenges. It was beautiful in the summer!

FVTR Summer Camp Jul 13 – Aug 30 (virtual)

  • 6 weeks

Likewise here, there was some crossover and some busy weeks with getting through challenges. At least this one was once a week, but it kept me occupied for sure.

FVTR Fall Camp Oct 19 – Nov 15 (virtual)

  • 6 weeks

This challenge was so great for keeping me going during school. I was getting really overwhelmed and not getting through things as I was hoping. I still can’t precisely pinpoint why my mental health dipped during this time. I enjoy online school, and I kept connected with people online, yet I was still struggling. Regardless, this challenge kept me going for a while, and I even did some runs on a week-long camping trip.

Peaks n Valleys Loop the Vedder

  • 10 k

Untrained and not the happiest of attempts, I still did it and it was the first in person race in so long! My lovely partner came out and waited for me to run in the cold. I still managed to keep it under an hour, but I am quite used to having a shorter time than that!

CMTR Winter Scavenger Hunt Dec 1 – Jan 31 (virtual)

  • 20 challenges

This was a favourite. The Christmas themed challenges and scavenger hunt was a blast and I had lots of snow time. It was beautiful and I was happy in my winter element.


Half Marathon PR Attempt Solo

  • 21k
  • 1:44:41

Success! I trimmed almost 15 minutes off my previous attempt that landed at 1:58:xx. I was really proud of this, and I had my awesome partner stop at road crossings to get shots of me running. I was so happy when I finished, I am excited to try a proper HM road race one day.

Valley Vertikiller

  • 30k

What a race. I didn’t end up training at all what I had hoped, being insanely busy with school taking one of the hardest courses of my degree… But I got through it and know I can crank out a 30k (with 1,700m of vertical gain) and live. I was devastated by my effort, but I am proud I got it done in the end. The climbs killed me! I have never experienced my hip flexors hurting so bad, but that’s what being untrained will do to you!

Phantom Run

  • 12k

What a morning. I left my partner’s place to head home and get changed and head to my race. Got home and I was locked out. Thankfully just that morning I had decided to throw my spare trail shoes in my car as a just in case though and that move alone is the reason I could still run the race. I now have a bag of spare running clothes and road shoes in my car just in case I can jump on a run or need the back up, and it really came in handy today. I drove there looking for parking–none. None anywhere even remotely near the start line. Oh, I had my dog with me in the car. Thankfully again my partner was coming out to support that morning and we drove a few kilometers away to park elsewhere, and he drove me to the start line while I changed in the passenger, timing whipping my sports bra on with oncoming traffic. Finally I got there, was in a rush, and started the race 10 minutes late.

I absolutely flew to catch up. I was wearing awful running layers and was immediately too hot and started running in just my old sports bra with my crappy hoodie tied around my waist. I ended up making some progress and then just held my position on the flat sections, and flew down any descents. I ended up in my age class in 11th, but I had a 4th place time so in my heart I know I still kicked ass the best I could.

I didn’t have my big fancy race seasons like I kept planning, I had some weird races that didn’t go so great and no training for all of them except my half marathon personal record attempt. I was hoping for so much more but in the end, I run because I just love to run. I love trails, I love my running friends, and I love my running group.

Our first run back after sports groups not being allowed was amazing. We had new members and they’ve since stuck around! I am so happy to see we’re filling the trail running needs of my small hometown. Who knew there were that many trail lovers out there after the same thing.

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