Bi-Weekly Training Update: Full Race Calendar Already

First race of the year, Run Ridge Run!

I had planned on doing the Coast Mountain Trail Series (CMTR) local to where I am in Vancouver and it is coming to fruition so far. Restrictions and spikes in Covid cases haven’t canceled anything yet.

In addition to this, I have six roll forward races from 2021! The 5 Peaks British Columbia Series I am still an ambassador for and a half marathon trail race, Bear Mountain

Run Ridge Run is a 25km trail race starting at a small lake taking us promptly up a mountain along a ridge line and down towards a neighbouring lake. It’s a stunning area where I have yet to run or hike so I am very excited to see the novel views on race day.

My goal this year is to crush out 2,500km of runs–let’s see how it goes.

Week One of 2022

Training leading up to this week has not been good. With the holidays I took a small break and enjoyed the massive amount of snow we got. But shortly after I contracted Covid and I was off running for the whole week. Following this up, there was so much snow on the ground and it was awkward to wear Yaktrax on half pavement and half snow, so I resorted to planning a run on my building’s treadmill.

Apparently this time around, they are closing the gym with the temporary restrictions increasing… So I missed my run, and my following runs due to my cramps! Three weeks of missing things with only a few runs here and there, I am so frustrated.

With minimal running being the result, I am not going to jump straight back into the plan and rather do some of the Garmin recommended run workouts to get my fitness back a bit. While I am disappointed and feel a bit under prepared for my race, I wouldn’t be surprised if my race were canceled due to restrictions and Covid concerns.

While things have really not gone to plan, I have utilized the suggested runs Garmin has thrown at me twice now, and they were good! It is such a great default for when I don’t know what to do, and they are geared for my fitness level. Alongside this, I have been doing as much walking as possible given the ice roads and being sick. There were quite a few walks to get coffee in the morning with Ripley to keep me going.

Off to a rough start, coming in under my weekly goal of 48km.

From Strava

Week Two of 2022

My following week was knocked out of the park. I got right back into the swing of things, and later realized I haven’t had any long runs for five weekends in a row. I’m very pleased my body is feeling good and there are no issues or niggles at all!

I had a fantastic long run with a friend who managed to get some shots of the day. I was very optimistic about there being no snow left but unfortunately there was still some at slightly higher elevations. I came prepared, and the game of taking Yaktrax off and on didn’t last too long.

My friend made a lovely route and I’ll have to do it again as a training run some time. I owe him a nice long one with a few brutal climbs in return!

Mileage this week was a success! Hopefully in future weeks I can slowly do extra to work on making up that initial slump of mileage.

From Strava

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