Who’s “Off Trail Running”?

Ridge Meadows Run Crew

5 Peaks Ambassador
2020 Season

Meet Ripley!

I’m Off Trail Running!

Hi! My name is Megan.

I’ve been running a few years now though I’ve lost track of exactly how many at this point. Long story short, I have found a passion for this sport that some people call “torture” and have found yet another way to spend time in the trails.

Additionally, I have always wanted to start a blog as I am a closet writer. I enjoy writing poetry, short stories occasionally, and journal frequently. I never found a topic I was invested in writing about routinely until recently it dawned on me, what is it that I do almost every day and love to talk about? Running. So, here is my blog. My personal log of runs, workouts, and races to come.

Thanks for reading!

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